Barron's Sat, 15th Edition


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retaliate reticence reverent rhetorical sanction satirical saturate scanty SCrupulOUS scrutinize seclusion servile shrewd skeptic slander solemnity sporadic squander stagnant stanza static steadfast StOiC subtlety superficial superfluous suppress surpass surreptitious swindler sycophant symmetry taciturn tedious tentative terse thrifty tirade trepidation trivia turbulence tyranny undermine uniformity unobtrusive vacillation venerate verbose Basic WO List 163 viable Vlgor vilify virtuoso virulent volatile vulnerable whimsical wither zealot The 3 , 500 Basic Word List tO them. don't know.ln studying, pay particular attention looking words ( 6 letters at most). Mark those you High-Frequency words and the short, simple- 3. First go through the list looking at the flagged 2. Devote atleast one hour tO each list. list. 1. AllOt a definite time each day for the study Of a exercises most profitably: described below in order tO use the lists and the plan, we recommend that you fOIIOW the procedure through the entire word list and feel the need fO 「 a FO 「 those of you who wish to work your way 3 , 500 Basic Word List is the best in the field. ysis Of published SAT materials, we believe ou 「 thanks tO our ongoing research and computer ana ト the actual vocabulary appearing on the SAT. Today, was unique in its ability tO reflect, and Often predict, own SAT sample examinations, the Basic Word List Even before the College Board began publishing its ple studying for the SAT. fields. Above all, it has been used with profit by peo- and promotional examinations in many industrial ing for CiVil service examinations, placement tests, tests. は has been used with profit by people prepar- ing Of all kinds Of college entrance and scholarship with this list has been Of immense value in the tak- 1954 , countless students have reported that working students. Ever since this bOOk first appeared in the many tests taken by high schOOl and college school students throughout the country and from taken from the standard literature read by high compiled from various sources. They have been The more than 3 , 500 words in this list have been not need tO memorize every word. pages. DO no 目 e わ / s ″ overwhelm yo リ . You dO The 3 , 500 Basic Word List begins on the following 4. GO through the list again looking at the longer words. Pay particular attention tO words with more than one meaning and familiar-looking words which have unusual definitions that come as a surprise tO you. Study these secondary definitions. LiSt unusual words on index cards WhiCh you can shuffle and review from time tO time. (Use the flash card technique described in Chapter 5. ) 6. Use the illustrative sentences in the list as models and make up new sentences Of your own. 7. Take the test which follows each list atleast one day after studying the words.ln this way, you will check your ability tO 「 emember what you have studied. 8 コ f you can answer correctly 12 Of the 15 questions in the test, you may proceed tO the next list; if you cannot answer this number, restudy the list. 9. Keep a record Of your guesses and Of your success as a guesser. (lJse the chart in Chapter 5. FO 「 each word, the following is provided: provided, together with their parts Of speech. 5. Whenever appropriate, related words are 4. A sentence illustrating the word's use. 3. A brief definition. 2. lts part Of speech (abbreviated). 1 . The word (printed in heavy type). marked with a square bullet ( ■ ). order.ln each word list, High-Frequency Words are The word lists are arranged in strict alphabetical

1 BuiId YO 0 曲町 y Basic Wo List Word List 1 abase-adroit abase V. lower; humiliate. His refusal tO abase himself in the eyes Of his followers irritated the king, whO wanted tO humiliate him. abash v. embar 「 ass. He was not at all abashed by her open admiration. abate v. subside; decrease,lessen. Rather than leaving immediately, they waited fO 「 the S10 「 m tO a わ a . abatement, N. abbreviate V. shorten. Because we were running out of time, the lecture 「 had tO a わと / 旧 her speech. abdicate v. renounce; give up. When Edward VIII abdicated the B 「 itish throne, he surprised the entire wo 月 d. aberrant N. abnormal 0 「 deviant. Given the aberrant nature Of the data, we doubted the validity Of the entire experi- ment. a 0 N. abettO 「 N. encou 「 ager. She was accused Of being an aider and a わわ「 Of the c 「 iminal. abet, v. abeyance N. suspended action. The deal was held in abey- ance until her arrival. abhor v. detest; hate. She abhorred all forms of bigotry. abhO 「 rence, N. abjure V. renounce upon oath. He abjured his allegiance tO the king. abju 「 ation, N. ablution N. washing. His daily ab/utions were accompanied by loud noises that he humorously labeled 、℃ pera in the Bath.' ' abnegation N. repudiation; self-sacrifice. NO act of abnega- 〃 b 〃 was more p 「 onounced than hiS refusal Of any rewards f0 「 his discove 「 y. abOliSh v. cancel; put an end to. The president of the co ト lege refused tO a わ 0 わ the physicaleducation requirement. abolition, N. abominate v. loathe; hate. Moses scoided the idol wo 「 ship- pers in the tribe because he abominated the custom. abominable, ADJ. aboriginal ADJ. , N. being the fi 「 st of its kind in a region; primitive; native. Her studies Of the primitive art forms of the abongna/lndians were widely 「 eported in the scientific journals. abO 「 igines, N. abortive ADJ. unsuccessful; f 「 uitless. We had to abandon ou 「 a わ 0 々ル e attempts. abrade v. wear away by friction; erode. The skin of herleg was abraded by the sharp rocks. abrasion, N. abridge v. condense 0 「 shorten. Because the publishers felt the public wanted a shorter version of ル and Peace, they proceeded tO abridge the novel. abrogate v. abolish. He intended to abrogate the decree issued by his predecesso 「 . abscond v. depart secretly and hide. The teller absconded with the bonds and was not found. absolve v. pardon ()n offense). The father confesso 「 ab- SO ル ed hjm Of his sins. absolution, N. abstain v. refrain; ho 旧 oneself back voluntarily from an action 0 「 practice. After considering the effect Of 引 cohol on his athletic performance, he decided 10 a わ s ね / 〃 from drink- ing while he trained fO 「 the race. abstinence, N. abstemious ADJ. sparing in eating and drinking; temperate. The drunkards mocked him because of his a わ s m / 0 habits. abstinence N. restraint f 「 om eating 0 「 drinking. The doctor recommended tOtal abstinence from salted foods. abstain, V. ー abstract ADJ. theoretical; not conc 「 ete; nonrepresenta- tional. TO him, hunger was an abstract concept; he had never missed a meal. abstruse ADJ. obscure; profound; difficult tO understand. She read abstruse works in philosophy. abusive ADJ. coarsely insulting; physically harmful. An a わ sive parent damages a child bOth mentally and physically. abut v. border upon; adjOin. Where ou 「 estates a わ we must build a fence. abysmal ADJ. bottomless. His ar 「 ogance is exceeded on ツ by his abysma/ ignorance. accede v. agree. 旧 accede tO this demand fo 「 blackmail, ー am afraid thatl will be the victim of future demands. accelerate V. move faster.ln our science class, we learn hOW falling bOdies acce/erate. accessible ADJ. easy tO approach; obtainable. We asked ou 「 guide whether the ruins were accessib/e on fOOt. accessoty N. additional object; useful but n01 essential thing. She bought an attractive handbag as an accessory fO 「 her dress. SO ADJ. acclaim v. applaud; announce with great approval. The NBC sportscasters acc/aimed every American victory in the OIympics and decried every American defeat. a 0 N. acclimate v. adjust tO climate. One Of the difficulties Of ou 「 present air age is the need Of travelers tO acc/imate them- selves ー 0 their new and Often strange environments. acclivity N. sharp upslope Ofa hill. The car could not go up the acc/ivity in high gear. accolade N. award Of merit.ln HolIywood, an ・℃ scar" is the highest acco/ade. accomplice N. partner in crime. Because he had provided the criminal with the 物 weapon, he was arrested as an accomp//ce in the murder.

accord N. agreement. She was in complete accordwith the verdict. accost v. approach and speak first to a person. When the tWO young men accosted me,l was frightened because ー thought they were going to attack me. accoutre V. equip. The fisherman was accoutred with the best that the sporting goods store could supply. accoutre- ments, N. accretion N. growth; increase. The accretion of wealth marked the family's rise in power. accrue V. come about by addition. You must pay the inter- estwhich has accruedon yourdebtas well as the principal sum. accrual, N. acerbity N. bitterness of speech and temper. The meeting Of the United Nations Assembly was marked with such acerbitythat little hope Of reaching any useful settlement of the problem could be held. acetic ADJ. vinegary. The salad had an exceedingly acetic flavor. acidulous ADJ. slightly sour; sharp, caustic. James was un- popular because Of hiS sarcastic and æidU/OlJS remarks. acknowledge v. recognize; admit. When pressed fo 「 an answer, she acknow/edged the existence of another mo- tive fO 「 the crime. acme N. top; pinnacle. His success ・ in this ro marked his acme as an actor. acoustics N. science Of sound; quality that makes a 「 00m easy 0 「 hard t0 hea 「 in. Carnegie HaII is liked by music lovers because Of itS fine acoustics. ・ acquiesce v. assent; agree passively. Although she ap- peared tO acquiesce tO her employer's suggestions,l could tell she had reservations about the changes he wanted made. acquiescence, N. ; acquiescent, ADJ. acquittal N. deliverance from a charge. His acq ツ / by the jury surprised those wh0 had thought him guilty. acquit, v. acrid ADJ sharp; bitterly pungent. The acrid odor of burnt gunpowde 「 filled the 「 00m after the pistol had been fired. acrimonious ADJ. stinging; caustic. His tendency to utter ac 「 / 行 70n わし S remarks alienated hiS audience. acrimony, N. actuarial ADJ. calculating; pertaining tO insurance statistics. According tO recent actuaria/ tables, life expectancy is greater tOday than it was a century ago. Test Word List 1 Synonyms Each Of the questions below consists Of a word in capital lette 「 s, followed by five lettered words or phrases. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly similar in meaning tO the word in capitalletters and write the letter Of your ChOice on your answer paper. 1. ABASE (A) incur (B) tax (C) descend (D) maltreat (E) humiliate Basic Word List 165 actuate V. motivate.l fail tO understand what actuated you tO reply tO this letter SO nastily. acuity N. sha 「 pness.ln time his youthful acuity of vision failed him, and he needed glasses. acumen N. mental keenness. HiS business acumen helped him tO succeed where others had failed. adage N. wise saying; proverb. There is much truth in the 0 旧 adage about f00 and thei 「 money. adamant ADJ. hard; inflexible. He was adamant in his deter- mination tO punish the wrongdoer. adamancy, N. adapt v. alter; modify. Some species of animals have become extinct because they could not adapt tO a chang- ing environment. addiction N. compulsive, habitual need. His addiction to drugs caused his friends much grief. addle ADJ. rotten; muddled; crazy. This add/e-headed plan is SO preposterous that it does not deserve any considera- tion. 引 SO Ⅵ adduce V. present as evidence. When you adduce material Of thiS natu 「 e, you must be sure Of you 「 sources. adept ADJ. expert at. She was adept at the fine art of irritat- ing people. 引 SO N. adhere v. stick fast.l will adhere to this opinion until proof thatl am wrong is presented. adhesion, N. adjunct N. something attached to but holding an inferio 「 position.l will entertain this concept as an adjunct to the main proposal. adjuration N. solemn urging. Her a し「ä″ 0 〃 to tell the truth did not change the witnesses' testimony. adjure V. request solemnly.l must a 可し「 e you tO consider this matter carefully as it is Of utmost importance to all of IJS. admonish v. warn; 「 eprove. He admonished his listeners to change thei 「 wicked ways. admonition, N. admonition N. warning. After repeated 「 ejections of its ad- monitions, the country was forced tO issue an ultimatum. adorn V. decorate. Wall paintings and carved statues adorned the temple. adornment, N. ・ adroit ADJ. skillful. His adroit handling of the delicate situation pleased his employers. secretly (D) perjure (E) project 5. ABJURE (A) discuss (B) renounce (C) run 0 幵 (C) excitement (D) suspended action (E) editorial 4. ABEYANCE (A) obedience (B) discussion (C) encourager (D) evidence (E) protection 3. ABETTOR (A) conception (B) one who wagers (C) dislike (D) absence (E) anecdote 2. ABERRATION (A) deviation (B) abhorrence