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continental influences overlap. Navarra aISO alSO many areas Of overlap, and mini-climates exhibits a similarly complex situation. There are caused by the extremely variable orography 0f always little pockets Of isolated climatic zones, the lberian Peninsula. such as Toro in Castile—Le6n, for example, which The Cantabrian mountains in the north form expenences extremely 10W rainfall. As a result Of a natural barrier that protects inland Spain from ロ Gal icia this complex climatic Sltuation, no clear distinc- the moist Atlantic all* currents. Similarly, the ロ Castile—Le6n Basque Country tions can be made in terms Of wine style. The Sierra Morena mountam range tO a great extent La Ri0ja wmes are greatly influenced by the variety 0f protects the broad plain 0f La Mancha, south 0f grape. For this reason, typical wines can be attrib- the capital, Madrid, from the Mediterranean ロ Arag6n uted tO climatic zones only tO a limited extent. influences that dominate Andalusia. La Mancha ロ catalo nia La RiOja region, with its Atlantic climate, pro- accounts for roughly half of total Spanish ロ E 、 tremadura duces fine W1nes that bear little resem blance tO the production. Between these tWO mountainous Madrid commonly held idea of fiery, glowing red wines. ln areas, mainly in Castile—La Mancha, Castile— ロ castil ← La Mancha good years, they have the potentialto keep excep- Le6n, and Arag6n, the harsh continental climate ロ valencia tionally well. The same is true of Navarra and prevails. West of Gibraltar, on the other hand, ロ Murcia Somontano. ln the northwest Of the country, and A. tlantic influences once agaln predominate, ロ Andalusia ロ Balearic lslands the transitional area Of EI Bierzo northwestern transforming the region around Jerez intO an ln- Castile—Le6n, there are exceptionally fruity red Canary lslands between zone, creating the umque conditions La Palma wines. On the plateau north of Madrid grow for making sherry and Manzanilla. 日 Hierro ln the east, the climatic zone influenced by the quality grapes of a totally different type. They are Tacoronte-Ace ntejO distinctive for being full-bodied, often with a Mediterranean IS very narrow, S1nce the 1 れ oun ー ロ v 引に Güfmar slightly higher alcohol content. There is also no tain ranges extend practically tO the coast here. V 引に de Orotava doubt that the wines Of the Duero valley are excel- There are, however, gaps in thiS barrier, such as ロ Ycoden-Daute-I 、 ora ロ Abona lent. Catalonia is famous for Cava, but 引 SO for the Ebro valley, which conducts warm air Lanzarote so 丘 , Mediterranean red wines, ripe Chardonnays, currents inland. ThiS gives rise tO the special climatic Sltuation Of La RiOJa reg10n, where and opulent Priorats, which are some Of the most Atlantic, Mediterranean, and tO a lesser extent sought-after wmes in the country. Avignon. MiIIaLE . AIbi A Ⅸ編 el ト、一 Mont-de-Marsan ・ Auch Tou ouse ℃ 0 &ion ゆ「 . Ar1e 、 、 'Provence Villaviciosa Santander san sebastiån/ 0 曲 e . Llanes 0i0 引・ 0 ソ叩・ : = - , Donostia FRANCE M diran ・ Séte M 田 VO agö 0 ugo ・ ,。 a Narcea1 Mieres 、、の , Tarbes ノ / carcassonne ・ 0 / ⅶⅣ Na 「 bonne G01fe du que c 四Ⅳ・ ! Limou しön コ . ・ d L•emos ~ を Miranda ・ erplgnan 、 PO e 「 da lgo.. 、ノ - 加。 ~ い岬艸・ N avarra osornola May プに・ = 。。 - 物第、物 = . l-ogrofio ・ 20 尹け : Castile—Léö90 SCa. ーノイ、 "•Tudela Barbå Girona På 0 ・ - . ValladOIid de Duero deVarzim•、次、•G Zamora sajadell 少 @Zarågoza Lleida Soria を Duero Vila Nova d Gaia pprtO. . 型 Reål 、 -- 、イ・・・。 0 00000 : 00 000 ~ 00 、 Embalse de la ・ Badalona Calatayud. ? Ebro pou 「 0 Salamanca M 曲 AragÖn M 0 Henarese 、 dela Reina 硺ね ue TO dO. 、診・・ 、ノ Embal ede C 白「 eS. Valdecahas し Sa unt Alcåza Valencia de San Juan Bay Of Val Cia VaIencia —Extre du ra Castile—La ancha ダ、ル 6 Lisbomp" ー BadajOZ Jü Tom 訓 0S0 0 、 LMéridw«¯ViIIanueva A 衂 a 「「 0 → - ~ dad 旧广ー -7 ね Serena SetübaL み uertollance-v ー・ Vald pefias し」一当イ peöarroya- い物 ・川 COj Yecla. ・Ⅶ厄、 4 み ,HelIin. -Pueblonuevo 、 - Bpnidorm pumilla 'Alican e/Alacant aCru2 Murcia armona Écija. 0 「 ca . 。ツこイ - い・ 1 ' uente-G ⅱ第一一 ・ [email protected]・ Ut0000 ・ de ね Fronteråすィ "Cranada4 uadi San[åcar de Barrarned4 、 erez 0 面・イ , M 引 0 0 ー Fron Bay Of AI e . Gibraltar (GB) ーに可 G. a / Tangi 「 s. Ceuta (E ) tauban Marseill de Segovia 0 盟 0 尾な ・ Mahön Binissalem palmaå Manacor Taj0 39 。 4Mbiza おなドれ M e d t e 「「 a n e a n miles km) Tegueste Tacoronte ・ . Santa Cruz La 0rotava de Tenerife 0 , 刀 8 司 Las Palmas de Gra Canaria *Teldé miles km) 膣なお 0 San Ba 曲 m 目 . 8recife Santa Cruz de ね Palma ella Puerto 0 引 Rosario Gömera ATLANTIC OCEAN SPAIN 5 刀

Further to the southeast, you can take a walk famous for its good champagne base W1nes, through the history of Spanish wine. There are which are mainly exported; light, clean white all sorts Of sweet wines to taste, made from W1nes and sometimes earthy, soft, easy-drinking Muscatel, MonastreII ()r Mourv&dre), and 行〃 5. White grapes still clearly predominate, Malvasfa grapes. Some of these wrnes are still easily accounting for 75 percent of all grapes produced in the same way that they were 300 grown. The D. O. Valdepefias lies like an years ago, when they were drunk in all the royal enclave in the southern part of the D. O. La houses of Europe, together with the equivalent Mancha. lt produces full-bodied and soft red wines from Andalusia. The highlands of Valencia wines that are so 旧 fully aged in wooden casks and Murcia produce a large quantity of red wine, in true Spanish style. which is traditionally sold for blending or in Andalusia has itS own umque range ()f Wines. barrels as top-up wine. The large stocks of 0 旧 The distinctive Finos, Manzanillas, and Olorosos, vines have in the last few years prepared the soil which occur here solely due to a vagary of for red wines of increasingly high quality. Jumilla nature, are indigenous tO the province Of Cådiz. has played a pioneermg part in this development. Sea air, FLOR YEAST, the addition Of wine spirits, The region of La Mancha extends south of and MATURING by a method Of decanting verti- the mountaln range that dissects Castile, and is cally from one row Of casks into another, INTRODUCTION ワ 4

right climate and SOil tO produce onginal wines, produces W1nes worthy Of a much more exalted but the range ()f varietles iS an unknown quan- status than mere aperitifs. Nor should we forget tity for many wine producers. Unfortunately, the respectable dessert wines from Målaga, which dO not deserve the stigma 0f being cheap the local winegrowers did not know until recently how tO exploit this fully or recognize and mass-produced. Here, t00 , renewed efforts the opportunities presented. The classic WOOd- are being made tO ralse quality. Extremadura in the southwest iS in a state Of aged 行〃 OS seem old-fashioned, whereas many of the young wines seem cheeky and lively. flux between modern and rtlSt1C wrnes. With Some Of the dessert wines produced on the only a few exceptions, the wines produced here Canary lslands are of excellent quality. Overall, are simple but smooth and rich, as you would the situation can be viewed in a positive light: expect Spanish wines t0 be. The range 0f grape the Wines need tO have a more consistent finish, vanetles gro 、 vn IS as Wide as the vanous SOil conditions. Extremadura is bOth the underdog and further research needs tO be carried out and the future of Spanish wine growing. This lnt() varretles. BARRIQUE wmes are rare; young wines that can be quickly consumed are situatlon can 引 SO be applied tO the islands in the order of the day. However, the potential the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic lslands, especially Mallorca, offer the IS excellent. Cådiz—the cap ital 0 「 the region ofAndalusia, and the traditional home 0 「 sherry—still feels the effects ofthe raid led by Francis Drake. ln 1587 , he purloined 2 , 900 barrels ofsack, as the shecry intended for export 、 known, 佇 0n1 the harbor, loaded them onto ships he had seized, and dispatched them [ 0 England, where they received a very enth t1SiaSt1C 、 velcome. SPAIN 575